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Students have the same feelings all over the world !

I used to take for granted that the very recent need of Millennials and Gen Zers to be coached was French-specific for which the drivers were job orientation and economic difficulties. Since I have moved to Montréal, I realized that Canadian Millennials are an active market that actively seeks the contributions of coaches in their personal and professional lives, and I found that amazing.

Over the past few months, I have identified two major reasons that prompted those young adults to become coachees. First, the raised awareness about the role social media play in impacting one’s mental health especially with the tendency they have to engage in social comparison. Social acceptance is no longer something they strive for. The second reason is social isolation that has been heavily amplified with COVID-19 which has really changed the game. Actually, most requests I get from French or Canadian Millennials are the same, they want to find their “why”, their purpose in life, which is a real difficult question to answer at their age. Regarding their job, they all want to find a balance between ambition, purpose and life so they can make a significant impact (cf Simon Sinek J)

They invest in coaching to get a better chance to have the best out of their lives. Coaching teaches them how to listen, be assertive, how to better communicate and priorize etc … They all know that coaching is absolutely not as getting therapy, and that I will definitely stimulate their motivation, confidence and creativity to achieve their goals both as individuals and professionals. All of them like the fact that coaching fits a short-term investment (follow-ups never exceed 3 months) which aims to restore balance at the time everything is getting disrupted.

With all of this being said, and as both profiles and needs are the same, I decided to be useful in North America too and to begin coaching in English too. I trained myself, transformed my tools, traduced my web site. I am now secured on my experience, working 15 years in High Education, and a certified coach from the neurosciences institute of Montréal and Paris. I coached a few Canadians and I am really proud to offer my skills in two languages. Of course, I might sometimes express myself with hand gestures (when I look for a specific word…for example) but I am here during this crazy pandemic which has brought so much stress and anxiety to deal with.

So, please, visit and feel free to share some feedback :)

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